Infinity Lines of Code was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective to offer custom software and applications (mobile and web) at a revolutionary price, leaving room for imagination and innovation (Imagivation), while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

We aim at building the biggest technology hub in Zimbabwe and Africa at large. After discovering that most students leave university after studying Software engineering, Computer Science, Information Security and Assurance, IT, or an ICT related degree and  find themselves home, seating around all day and waiting for better days, the lucky ones get teaching jobs or become till operators, but to what end? We intend to mold the global village together with the creative minds.

As an initiative to promote young innovators iLOC is  providing a platform for everyone who can write code and want to learn how to, for free to post their developed applications and learn how to code. iLOC also hosts seminars to teach and promote people the emerging technologies, primary and secondary and tertiary institutions.

Provide a transitioning space for students from school into the industry fostering the culture of collaborative and creative development.

Be the biggest Tech Hub and popular provider of reliable home grown digital solutions in Sub Saharan Africa.