Disguise WiFi Naming System

Is your WiFi name that obvious, or somehow related to your department or company. Good right :-)? makes it easy to identify, we won’t spend days looking for it? That’s a bad idea. BAD. I will tell you why its not as wise as you might think. Convenience most of the times never balances with security

I was trying to look for a fancy name for the naming system but l got stuck, to the extend that l even delayed writing this article. So whats this thing that needs disguising.

Okay so l was moving around at my workplace like l always do, looking for any open WiFi hotspot or those l have passwords for, well most of them l configured(I will not tell you were l work my friend) them so it one strong network to another. I have come to a  point l see no use of buying Data Bundles for social media or any connectivity to the internet, unless l decide to walk aping home which is completely ill advised so l still need to keep my head, better still legs (I wont lose my legs just to press like on a post of some stranger l do not even know). So back to my issue. I came to realize that there is this term they call Hacker Appetite– which refers to the need to attack or exploit a system and or network because of the value it supposedly has( hack value).

Most WiFi BSSIDs are the name of the user or department in a company or the company itself. Ask yourself. “Is this a good idea?”, some would say its just a name. Then again there is that big word we used above, HACKER APPETITE. Maybe you work in the Finance department at your firm and you probably know that your WiFi   SSID is FINANCE or FINANCE DEPARTMENT in CAPS, (I guess its to make it more visible you might miss it if its small letters). 

Vulnerability Formula

Obvious Network SSID = Increased Hacker appetite.

Why would someone want to hack you?

  1. See the traffic on your network.
  2. Intercept that traffic
  3. Modify the traffic.
  4. Shutdown the network.
  5. Anything you can think of that someone can do if they are on the same network with you.

Now think about those guys in  corporate setups or even those in small startups. That trade secret you hold dear to is with Jack who is outside your window or in the corridor, just because you failed to name your Network PINEAPPLE or that favourite drink of yours or that country and lead the “Jack” or “Jill” away.

What you should do!
Change all those convectional names and obvious network names to something less “appetizing”, what do you have to lose. Some may think we are not worthy, but think about that company document you are sending over that network. the financial statements, the Memo, the Pay raise. With that in mind think about how that information may be used in the wrong hands.

Some names you could probably use:

Just be wild

Be wIse disGuise your network.

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