Advantages of desktop Apps

Greater productivity

It’s now common knowledge that multi-tasking can hurt productivity. Unfortunately, there are scientific reasons that we still find it difficult to resist distractions and the urge to juggle multiple tasks at once.

Using a web browser can exacerbate this unhealthy tendency. With the ability of web browsers to open and run multiple tabs without slowing down your system, it becomes all too easy to invite noise into your work routine.

For instance, how often do you have a tab opened to your email? And when it suddenly shows that you have a new message, how likely are you to immediately become distracted until you switch over to that tab to see what it is? Add with social media and other online distractions, the problem quickly becomes even worse. 

While internet browser tabs are an amazing way to do research quickly, they can too easily draw you away from the tasks you should be focusing on. In fact, you can easily find yourself with so many open tabs that it’s hard even to tell which is which.

The solution is to opt for a desktop app that enables you to sign into and use your project management software without having to go anywhere near the tempting distraction of a web browser.

An app that has no address bar, extra toolbars, or unnecessary buttons can also help eliminate noise and distractions, making screens cleaner and navigation easier.

Quicker access

A project management software desktop app will create an icon that you can save on your computer desktop, in your start list, and/or in your taskbar. This allows you to easily navigate to and access the software with a click of the button.

You can even choose to have the desktop app open automatically when you start up your computer.

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